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Hair Analysis and Heavy Metals - Sample Case

Hair analysis can be a useful tool in uncovering heavy metal toxicity. It can also be used to track progress of a detoxification plan. However, interpretation is not straight forward. Hair levels of minerals do not necessarily reflect overall levels in the body. Interpretation has to be done by someone with training in hair analysis.

Hair analysis shows how much metals is the body dumping out in hair. It is not a measurement of total body levels of metals. Often people with significant toxicity are holding onto metals. The true burden will not be seen in terms of absolute numbers on hair analysis. However, the patterns of metal toxicity will be clear to someone who knows how to read the test. This case is a perfect example of such a situation.

toxins coming in and out or stored in body

Hair test 1; pre-detoxification

The initial test was done on the onset of detoxification. Before even looking at the top part that covers heavy metals the bottom part that covers "Essential and Other Elements" must be interpreted. Without looking at specific values of individual elements, it should be clear that almost all of them are under the 50th percentile. This is one of several patterns of mineral deregulation due to toxicity. In this case the proper treatment was to work on detoxification in general, rather than trying to manipulate levels of any one particular mineral.

The toxic metal section did show very high amounts of mercury and silver. However, considering the degree of mineral deregulation seen in the bottom portion, it would be wrong to assume that this was the the extent of her metal toxicity.

First hair analysis test

This lab test was used along with the health history, constitutional assessment to determine appropriate herbs and muscle testing against various toxins and supplements - to form an individualized detoxification plan specific for the client.

The protocol did include a custom formulated herbal tincture, some vitamins, a chhlorphylin supplement and low potency compound homeopathics to help stimulate metal detoxification. The specific supplements are not being listed, as they were meant for her alone based upon the overall assessment. Other people following her protocol would not have the same results.

On this protocol there was significant improvement of symptoms. Mostly notably reduction in those related to chronic yeast infection. Previously extensive dietary changes and supplementation with herbs to kill yeast has only mild effect.

Hair test 2; during detoxification

On the toxic metal section there was a slight decrease in mercury and arsenic, but huge increases in other metals. Particularly lead. This does not indicate that she was getting more toxic. Rather it shows her body being better able to dump out more metals into her hair. In other words, the test showed more enhanced detoxification.

The essential and other elements portion also no longer showed such a deregulated pattern (although it was far from perfect and indicated the further detoxification is still needed).

Second hair analysis test