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F. Energetics

Emotional toxins

just as we have physical toxins such as lead and mercury, we also have emotional and energetic toxins.These include psychological stress and emotional traumatic experiences.


, being in angry situations are so on. Just think about how feel when you've been in a particularly difficult situation. Some common symptoms include an increased heart rate, sweating, or a queasy feeling in one's gut. This is the body's physical response to emotional input, and negative emotions have a disruptive effect on cellular function.

Chinese medicine: organ - emotion associations

In Chinese medicine the following associations between organ function and emotions are recognized:

Organ Emotion
Heart Joy
Lungs Grief


Liver Anger
Spleen Rumination (worry)

This can get very complicated, but the basic concept or how organ function is linked to emotions is very simple.

For example, almost all of us have experience grief and associated physical manifestations of crying, and excess phlegm coming up from the lungs. However, just as grief effects lung function, lung function also can lead to feelings of grief. These relationships work both ways. So if someone has been experiencing grief and needs support getting over it, one of the things I would suggest is supporting the lungs. In my practice I generally would do this with a compound homeopathic. Other practitioners may use the same concept, but treat the lungs with something else.

The same applies to the other organ systems and associated emotions. If someone has excessive fears it may help to treat the kidneys, or the liver in case of angry all the time. The same goes for the heart in case an event has causes lack of joy, or the "spleen" if excessive worry.

We are physical and energetic beings

People often have two different types of reactions when this subject is brought up.

1. The idea is automatically dismissed as being "unscientific."

Just because you can't see or touch something, that doesn't mean its not real. Electronic signals going to your cell phone are real, although you can't see them. Something else which you can't see under a microscope are emotions. Sure, there are correlates between emotions and physical signs including neurotransmitter status, but there is something more going on than just biochemistry.

Scientists such as Fritz Popp and Bruce Lipton have done work to advance the popular understanding of these concepts.

2. People believe all we are is energy, and the physical doesn't matter.

This is the opposite extreme, where instead of dismissing the role of energy as unscientific, biochemistry is discarded as irrelevant. I've even been told at lectures that our emotions are on a higher order and dictate everything to our DNA. Therefore, all we have to do to heal from illness is believe it will happen.

Of course this is ridiculous. We can't will ourself to health. In fact, I think this concept is dangerous and disempowering, since it tells sick people that their illness is their fault for not thinking in the right way.

We need to integrate our understanding of the physical with the energetic

Both physical and energetic factors are both important. Thinking holistically means taking both of these factors into account.