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San Pharma Isopathic Immune Metabolic Remedies

What are Isopathics?

Isopathics are not very well known in the United States, even among natural health care practitioners. This is unfortunate, as Isopathics offer an incredibly powerful to regulate the immune system and stimulate detoxification.

Isopathics are made from cytoplasmic material of specific fungal and bacterial organisms. However, isopathics contain no living organisms. They work by presenting something inert to the immune system. The agent itself does nothing. However the response it triggers from the immune system can be quite profound.

Isopathics are given in very minute dilutions.

Isopathics do not simply stimulate the immune system. Rather, the effect is much more balancing. Overall, they help to re-education the immune system, down-regulate inappropriate inflammation, but also provoke the immune system to go after pathogens. They are "adaptogenic" for the immune system (in natural health, and adaptogen is a substance that will either increase or decrease the function of a system depending on what the body needs to do to restore health).

Some conditions where isopathics may be helpful

Auto-immune disease

In auto-immune disease it's important to lower overall inflammation, yet there is often some immune system challenge that the body is not able to overcome. Therefore, in some ways the immune system is over active, and in other ways it's under active. The immune system could be said to be in a state of “anergy.” Another way to explain it, is the immune system looses the ability to tell self, from non-self and thus acts in a confused manner.

Although in certain ways the immune system is suppressed, it may be wrong to treat with many supplements that only stimulate immune system activity. This is because, that may also stimulate the auto-immune response.

Isopathics from San Pharma on the other hand actually stimulate the immune system where needed, without potentiating the auto-immune response. In fact, isopathics can actually lower unwanted immune system activity.

Isopathics for digestive system disorders such as IBS and IBD

Within our digestive tract is a complex eco-system which has 10 time more microbes than we have cells in our body. Ideally, what should keep this eco-system in proper balance is our body's own immune system.

When the types of bacteria and fungus living in the digestive tract get out of balance, this is called gut dysbiosis. This leads to many problems such as IBS, IBD, Candidiasis, "leaky gut," food allergies and fatigue just to name a few.

Ultimately, it's the patients own immune system that is going to have to maintain a healthy gut flora. Isopathics can help to stimulate the immune system to balance this complex ecosystem.

Isopathics for chronic infections

Many people have infections that don't clear. This can be recurrant sinus infetions (or elsewhere in upper respiratory area), urinary tract infections, Epstein Barr virus, or others. Isopathics stimulate the immune system to fight off either active or latent infections.

Sometimes it's the people who never get sick whose immune systems need the most help. Never getting sick can be a sign that rather than being strong, the immune system is so weak it rarely makes an attempt to mount a response.

List of San Pharma Remedies

The following are short descriptions of San Pharma brand isopathics.


This is made from metabolic products of Penicillium notatum. It's main action is to down-regulated inflammation, but it also boosts immune system response against infection. Because of this duel action it's often useful in autoimmune disease, inflammation and chronic infection.


Made from metabolic products of Penicillium frequentans. Main action is boosting immune system function in active or chronic infection.

Chronic illness may be triggered by a latent or sub clinical infection. In a subclinical infection, such as certain cases of EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) the body may seem to get over the initial infection, yet long term sytems remain such as fatigue, cold sweats, brain fog, muscle pain, occaional fever, poor sleep, headaches, and poor digestion. A remedy such as Quentens helps the body fight off chronic infection. This is similar inaction to Notatum, but more specific to viral infections.


Made from Penicillium roqueforti. Its main action is to regulate the terrain of the digestive system. We have more than 10 times more organisms living in our digestive system than cells in our body. This balance of this microbiological ecosystem is essential to health. Probiotics do help to keep this ecosystem in balance, however they are just one of numerous ways to bring balance back to the digestive track. Ideally a functional immune system will keep the intestinal terrain healthy. By actually restoring function to the immune system, it's possible to get better long term, and deeper results then simply taking a lot of probiotics for years on end. This isn't to imply that probiotics don't help, or are not needed, but rather that other therapies can work synergistically with probiotics to promote healing on an even deeper level.


Made from Mucor racemosus. Used from blood stagnation, vascular congestion and hypercoagulability. Can also be used for detoxification, in cases where other protocols don't seem to be giving expected success.


Useful for metabolic dis-regulation, and as part of protocol for many chronic degenerative diseases.


This is made from Candida parapsilosis, not Candida albicans. Will stimulate immune system to overcome candidiasis, but that is only part of it's function. It stimulates the body to fight many viral and bacterial infections. Often combined with Roqueforti (discussed above) or other remedies, as they act synergistically together.

Subtilis and Mycobactin

Subtilis great for infections, inflammation, and allergies. Mycobactin S is similar, but generally more specific for the lungs. Subtilis is similar to Notatum (listed above) but stronger inaction.


The strongest remedy available from San Pharma. Useful for chronic inflammation such as in the digestive system, lungs, joints and sinuses.

How are the San Pharma remedies used in a protocol?

Individual remedies are never used as a mono-therapy. Since all the San Pharma isopathics stimulate detoxification, they generally given with some support for detoxification. Additionally, other supplements and homeopathics will be used to focus action of San Pharma's onto a specific area. Which remedies are best depends upon the individual, and not the disease. Therefore it's best to have a holistic assessment from a trained practitioner rather than trying to match a specific remedy to a disease.

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