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About Saul Marcus, ND

Educational Background

Saul Marcus ND, is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, and a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Connecticut. He is not licensed in the state of New York, as NY does not recognize or license naturopathic doctors at this time.

In additional to Naturopathic degree he has sought after additional training in areas such as Herbal Medicine, Homotoxicology, Biotherapeautic drainage and numerous muscle testing techniques.


Personal Story

Many people who make careers in natural health do so because of personal experience they have had. The following is about personal experience I've had which led me to this career path.

College and fatigue

I never used to be interested in health.

In college I had a terribly unhealthy lifestyle, mostly due to very poor eating habits and erratic sleep. When I was 19, I started to feel tired. At first it was gradual - so I ignored it. After a year or two it became clear this was no ordinary tired. It was debilitating.

We live in a culture were "hard work" is a virtue, and slacking is just being "lazy," so it didn't even occur to me that this was a health issue. Real diseases where things like cancer. Being tired was not a disease. Regardless, as far as the MDs thought I was perfectly healthy. My cholesterol was even in the 130s, wasn't that a sign of good health?

Nonetheless, the thought of actually of holding some job and going to work for 8 - 9 hours the way I felt was unrealistic. I could not wake up in the morning. Once I finally did it was only a few more hours to my mid afternoon crash. Then I had wait until evening for a few hours of feeling relatively normal.

School work, reading, thinking - was like trying to force my mind through mental sludge. Finally, one day I felt that I was almost about to collapse just walking around outside. I was perhaps 22 at the time.

I simply surrendered to what was happening and gave up on forcing myself through things.

Pacing did help. If I preserved what little energy I had, in the evening I could do more when my mind finally did turn on.

Starting to change lifestyle

After college I eventually found a full time job as a mail carrier. I had no mental energy, but physically I could function. Waking up 6:30 in the morning to get to the post office, just to sort and deliver mail was daily torture. But it was a job I could at least force myself through.

What got me started on path to recovery was listening to Gary Null everyday on the radio while out delivering mail. He taught me why eating piazza was bad, how the amalgam fillings in my mouth were full of mercury, the importance of organic food, water filters, psychological health and so much more.

I very quickly changed my diet and made healthier lifestyle decisions. This did not cure me, but after now 7 years there was a sense of hope. In order to truly get well I started to seek out natural health care practitioners.

Holistic MDs

The first Holistic MD I saw spend about 5 minutes talking to me. He gave me a urine metal test, which according to him showed my problem was mercury. In two visits I spend a few hundred dollars and talked to him in less than 10 minutes. What was offered was a series of IV chelation therapy for mercury.

But I also had many amalgam fillings. So first I sought out a holistic dentist. I ended up seeing a terribly expensive holistic dentist, and proceeded to have the metal fillings in my mouth replaced one by one.

This dentist referred me to another holistic MD, to have chelation therapy along with dental work. This MD had me wait outside his office for one hour 45 minutes, in order to have a 5 minute discussion about my lab test. He agreed that I needed chelation therapy. That and he said a raw food diet was all I needed.

In retrospect I would say in certain situations these recommendations can help certain people (and it was good to having the amalgam fillings removed). However, there was no intake or assessment. The real problem was not addressed at all.

After just a few months I spent over $10,000 on this program with literally no improvement in energy.

Applied kinesiology

While going through all of this I saw a chiropractor at a health fair doing muscle testing demos on people for $10. In closed minded arrogance I looked at what he was doing for 5 seconds and concluded it was bullshit. But it was only $10 and part of me was curious. So I signed myself up.

He had me hold an arm up and pushed it while challanging different points. Each time my muscle locked in place easily. At first I was annoyed with this nonsense. Suddenly with a different point the energy in my arm just dropped. This was one of the single most profound moments of my life. Assumptions I had about how the body worked vanished. I also learned much about the foolishness of being a "skeptic," when it came to things i knew nothing about.

A few months later I switched over to seeing this chiropractor. He looked over my metal urine test and told me he wished his other patients had test that looked so good. Mercury was not my problem. That it's important to go after the weak links. Even if something is a problem (Regardless, I was still happy I had all my amalgams removed) that doesn't mean it's a priority.

I also finally realized what career to go into. I wanted to work in holistic health and help people going through he same things I was. So my immediate goal was to get healthy enough to go back to school to be a naturopathic doctor.

He did help with that. I was still tired. But at least now able to take the prerequisite science classes for naturopathic school, and even go jogging for half an hour a few times a week after work. Something that would have been impossible a year earlier.


If I knew back then, what I know now, I could have recovered in a fraction of the time.

Although I got well enough to change careers and go back to school, it took years to truly feel recovered. This included several set backs, ironically, the stressful demands of going to Naturopathic school.

I've tried various dietary changes, supplements, functional lab tests, working on hormones and more. Nearly everything I did past cleaning up my diet to whole, unprocessed, organic foods - had no effect whatsoever. The problem was not really trying things that do not work. The problem was trying things that didn't work for me because I didn't know what the real problem was.

As a Naturopathic doctor I see this in practice also People come in terribly ill for years, and they have tried "everything" - changing diet - gluten free - diary free, various cleanses, folders full of lab tests, functional labs, etc...

Part of this is a natural health industry that is full of guru's who promote myoptic solutions, such as everyone has candida, or mercury, or hypothyroidism, or needs to eat raw foods, or something else.

In my case what worked was various muscle testing technique. Especially work done at various professional seminars to break through some very stubborn problems. This combined with some traditional herbal medicine worked miracles when all sorts of other things did nothing.

Lessons learned through this process that I find valuable as Naturopathic doctor:

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