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Why See a Naturopathic Doctor For Digestive Symptoms?

Common digestive conditions that may be helped by seeing a Naturopathic doctor include:

If you have any of these conditions what does Naturopathy have to offer?

Problems with conventional medicine in treating the digestive system

Some medications may help to control digestive symptoms. However, it has nearly nothing to offer in terms of restoring health to the digestive tract.

For example, flair ups of Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be treated with steroids. But what does this have to do with the underlining problems causing flaire up?

The answer is next to nothing. Furthermore, many of the medications used to control symptoms are toxic in themselves. Conventional medicine is about disease management, not health restoration

Another example is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is not well understood by conventional medicine and patients are given little, if anything at all to help. On the other hand A Naturopathic doctor has extensive training about the underlining causes of IBS (poor digestion, liver function, gut dysbiosis including Candida and possible parasites, emotional stress, hormonal interactions and more).

The bottom line is that while conventional medicine excels at emergency procedures and at times has medications for symptomatic relief. As the whole it is a model of disease care. It is not focused on prevention, nor does it address the underlining cause of most digestive symptoms.

Naturopathy is a holistic system of true health care. While steps are taken to palliate symptoms, the larger focus is on addressing the root cause of disease.

Treating symptoms vs working on the whole person

There is much advice availeble online, and in books about how to treat common digestive system symptoms.

Besides dietary advice, common supplements include:

It's easy to find people promoting the best supplement for some condition. But this is not individulised for each person:

Why see a Naturopathic doctor?

A Naturopathic doctor does much more than simply match up common supplements with various diseases. What you'll get instead is a comprehensive review of your case, with an individualized treatment plan.

What follows it is a simplified outline of what I may do with a client during initial visit:

Based upon all this information an individualized protocol is developed. This may contain review of dietary and lifestyle habits. Nutritional supplements can be recommended along with specific herbals and homeopathics.

Instead of supplements which may be good for a certain condition, care is taken to recommend what is most specific for the individual.

Naturopathic medicine is not about treating symptoms with supplements. It is about understanding the cause of symptoms and then using therapies that aid the body's own self healing mechanisms.