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Book Review: Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden, ND

Image of Period Repair Manual book

Written using simple language for the lay public, the book covers women's hormonal issues in detail. I do not only recommend this for women, but for practitioners as well. If any Naturopathic students are reading this review, Period Repair Manual will tell you what you need to know to help women. Too many times professional lectures over-complicate things far more than necessary, while leaving out essential information. This book will fill in the gaps to help with the more common cases you see all the time,

The first half of the book, " Understanding Your Period " explains what a normal period should be like, what can go wrong and proper diagnosis. Dr. Briden points out numerous misconceptions that women have about their periods. Such as the true effect of birth control pills and true diagnostic criteria for certain illnesses. The reader will be able to know why she gets symptoms.

The second part of book is more focused on treatment. Dr. Briden's approach is truly holistic and she covers factors such as heavy metals and environmental toxicity, as well as nutrition and supplementation. There are many general supplement recomendations, so this book could be used for self-treatment. However I don't think this book is, or intended to be a replacment for women to ever see a practitioner, especially for more complex cases.

Overall this is not just a great book on women's health, it's one of the best health books I've ever read. I'd recommend it for any women who has symptom's related to her cycle. If you know any young women or teens who are just starting to have their symptoms treated conventionally, give them this book. It can literally save them from decades of suffering.

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