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Naturopathic Treament of Migraine Headaches

In discussion of migraine headaches there is often much information about classification, and treatments to control pain rather than an understanding of what actually causes it. In natural health, even supplements that are commonly recommened to "treat migraines" are mearly palliatives that do not truly improve health.

Theories behind the cause of migraine headaches

There is no single cause for migraines. In fact supplements that help one person, often make migraines in someone else worse. We do have numerous theories of what causes migraines, each have thier own partial validity and are somewhat helpful.

Creating an individualized and holistic treatment plan for migraines

Natural treatment for migraines is based more around assessment of the whole person, than concern of theory and trying to micro-manage body chemicals based off of it. While the above theories may be supported by natural treatment, it's important to look past pain and blood vessels and have a wider perspective

  • Physical medicine. Although not the main focus of most of what I do, this can play a huge part in development of headaches. Although migraine and tension headaches are usually differentiated, relieving tension is imporant. Exercise, stretching, strenghing weak muscles, massage and chiropractic care all have a place in treament of chronic headaches.
  • Herbal medicine and homeopathy. As a naturopathic doctor I use both, although I rely more or herbs. Either way you'll get much further using these with an individualized approach instead of taking whatever Google recomends when looking for the best herbs for headaches. Other pages on this website go into more specifcis of an individualized method towards treatment
  • Palliative treatments for migraine headaches