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Natural Solutions for Chronic Health Problems

Why make an appointment?

  1. You're tired of managing symptoms with conventional treatment. You want to truly get better.

  2. You're looking for a safer alternative to drugs and side effects.

  3. Conventional medicine doesn't even recognize your problem, much less treat it.

  4. If feels as if you have tried everything and are still not better.

Individualized treatment versus disease management

Typical initial visits take about 2 hours in length. This time is necessary to fully review the case history and access what the best course of action is.

Care is taken to listen to and answer questions. Assessment is explained, so clients leave with a better understanding of what has caused their health problems.

Symptoms are like the body's fire alarm system. They indicate that there is a problem. The goal should not be to "treat disease." Rather it is to identify and remove the causes of poor health so that the body no longer needs to produce symptoms.

What health problems does Dr. Marcus help people with?

Common symptoms people come in looking for help with include

  • Fatigue and feeling tired all the time. May have been diagnosed with conditions such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Brain fog and poor cognition. Including ongoing symptoms post Lyme infection.
  • Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's
  • Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease
  • Blood sugar issues; diabetes, pre-diabetes
  • PMS and PMDD
  • Various digestive symptoms. IBS, IBD, Candida
  • Anxiety, depression and other mental symptoms
  • Skin, eczema, psoriasis, chronic acne


Go to this page for more information on history taking and assessment

Sample case history. Posted with permission. First several months working with a client with severe fatigue.

Sample case

For a general review of intake and assessment process go to this page. Although it is written specifically about fatigue, the same general process is the same for other health issues as well.


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