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There are numerous reasons why you may go to a Naturopathic Doctor. You may want support for a long term health problem or an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Perhaps have been recently diagnosed with an illness and are not sure what to do but would like a second opinion. Common health issues people go to a Naturopathic doctor for include: fatigue, poor digestion, hormonal problems. Or perhaps you simply want help getting healthy.

Naturopathic Medicine combines the knowledge of conventional medicine, with an understanding of holistic health to offer safe, scientifically based natural therapies.

For more information on naturopathy go to the Naturopathic Medicine FAQ

Dr. Marcus offers personalized support for people with the following health concerns:

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Drugs for fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue (such as amphetamines or psychiatric medications) are band-aid solutions that don't treat the root problem.

A natural and holistic approach looks at the whole body for the underlining causes of illness (such as nutritional deficiency and toxicity).

What is fibromyalgia overviews the various causes of fibromyalgia

Adrenal exhaustion reviews cortisol, adrenal physiology and fatigue

Page on Epstein Barr Virus and Mononucleosis

Power point videos that cover basic information on chronic fatigue:

Conventional Medicine: A Failed Paradigm

Chronic Fatigue: From A Holistic Perspective

Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease

Patients with hyperthyroidism are often given no options other than toxic medications, or destruction of the thyroid gland. However there may often be other natural alternatives

Go here for information and video on Grave's disease


Some people with hypothyroidism do not respond well to medications. Other people may have numerous symptoms of hypothyroidism, but are told their labs are all normal.

In either case there is much that can be done naturally to improve symptoms.

The Natural Treatment Guide for Hypothyroidism to learn about causes and natural help for hypothyroidism.

Hormonal Imbalances

Women are commonly prescribed hormone replacement therapy (including birth control pills) and even anti-depressants for numerous symptoms related to the female hormonal system.

These drugs almost never correct the real cause of problem and come with many new "side effects." There are many natural ways to balance hormones so women can feel well without drugs or synthetic hormones.


Digestion is key to health. Poor digestion limits the absorption of nutrients and leads to problems such as fatigue, allergies, auto-immune disease and other chronic conditions. By improving digestive function overall health is improved.

Basic article on digestion and wellness

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Functional Tests for Digestion

Blood sugar, Inflammation and Diabetes

Type II diabetes is primarily a disease of lifestyle, not genetics. The page on the natural treatment and prevention of diabetes reviews a natural approach to handling high blood sugar and inflammation.

Mental symptoms

Go to the Natural Treatment Guide for "Mental Illness" for an in depth review of psychiatry and natural treatments for mental symptoms.

Other health issues

Dr. Marcus is not limited to only helping people with the above symptoms. His real focus is not on any set of symptoms, but rather in helping each individual overcome the underlining causes of chronic illness. Underlining causes of chronic illness such as; stress, toxicity, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems and imbalanced immune function are common to many disease.

If you are unsure if Dr. Marcus can help you, just ask my e-mail or phone, or make an appointed for a free consultation.


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